Unlocking the Science Behind Gut Relief

Welcome to the captivating world of bioscience and nutrition, where we unveil the groundbreaking science behind FODZYME.


Carbohydrates: The Good and the Complex ↘

Deciphering the Building Blocks of Nutrition

Carbohydrates vary, from simple sugars like glucose to complex ones like FODMAPs (lactose, GOS, and FOS). Understanding their impact on our bodies is key to digestive comfort.

Fiber: Friend to Our Gut Microbiome ↘

Nurturing Gut Health

While some fibers nurture our gut microbiome as prebiotics, others pass through undigested, posing unique challenges

FODMAPs: The Culprits of Discomfort ↘

Identifying the Trouble-Makers

Meet FODMAPs—the rebels that disrupt smooth digestion. Their fermentation in our gut can lead to discomfort, making some foods off-limits.

We're making food painless through advanced scientific research

Catalyst for FODMAP transformation

Enzymes break down their substrates into easily digestible sugars.

FODZYME does it specifically for FODMAPs, making digestion easier, and food - more enjoyable.


In the ecosystem of stubborn carbs, enzymes are the catalysts for transformation, setting off the chemical reactions within our bodies.

Instantly powerful

Activated at the first contact with food and while you chew, our powder enzymes break down FODMAPs into simple sugars before they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Omnipresent proteins ↘

Most enzymes are the extraordinary proteins produced by all living matter, from plants and microbes, all the way to animals and humans.

Each with a unique role ↘

Each enzyme tackles a certain number of molecules (substrates). In FODZYME, lactase addresses lactose, alpha-galactosidase - GOS, while the novel fructan hydrolase tackles fructan.

Shaping your digestion ↘

Specific FODMAP substrates gravitate towards FODZYME's active enzymes shaped precisely for them. Once broken down, FODMAPs are released as simple sugars.

We tested FODZYME's efficacy through SHIME®, a scientifically validated model of a human gut.

~90% of fructan was broken down

We discovered that one dose of FODZYME’s fructan hydrolase was able to degrade 90% of 1g of fructan (~6 garlic cloves) within half an hour.

70% of fructose was absorbed, thus reducing gas

Findings also showed 70% of fructose was absorbed during small intestinal transit and

A note on SCFA production

Short Chain Fatty Acids production was reduced but not depleted, meaning the enzymatic approach may be more favorable to overall colonic health than avoiding FODMAPs altogether.


Efficacy ↘

We develop our products in highly effective and portable powder forms that allow the enzymes to get to the triggers intended to break down - faster.

Safety Assurance

We work exclusively with natural ingredients, constantly refining our formula to ensure our products are free from common allergens or artificial additives.

In-house research ↘

Our in-house research and clinical experiments have proven the efficacy of FODZYME by stress-testing it on foods extremely high in fructan.

Clinical trials ↘

Through both in-vivo and in-vitro trials, we've gathered promising data showing significant efficacy when FODZYME® was administered compared to placebo.

Third-party testing ↘

In partnership with ProDigest, we simulated the FODZYME interaction with a human gut through their sophisticated SHIME® system.

Scientific advisory board ↘

We're advancing our research and development with a group of world-class experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition.

Mission-Driven Pipeline

At FODZYME, our mission is to provide innovative solutions for digestive discomfort and improve the lives of those with dietary sensitivities.

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