Posters, people and poop, or how FODZYME® shined at DDW 2022

The team behind FODZYME® was lucky enough not only to exhibit at DDW, but also to deliver a poster presentation as part of the IBS Clinical poster tour.

Posters, people and poop, or how FODZYME® shined at DDW 2022

While Digestive Disease Week 2022 may be behind us, the team at Kiwi Bio is fueled by the inspiring sessions, presentations, and visitors we were lucky to come across. While the event only lasted three days, the insights and ideas our team has gathered set out the foundation for the months to come, propelling the further growth of Kiwi’s research and development, as well as an amazing network supporting FODZYME®.

FODZYME booth at DDW 2022

As you may already know, Digestive Disease Week (DDW) is the world’s premier conference. Bringing together the industry leaders in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, and GI surgery, including physicians and researchers, this year’s event has boasted over 3000 presentations showcasing the latest updates and research to advance and drive innovation in the GI space. 

The team at FODZYME® was lucky enough not only to exhibit during the whole three days 21-24 May but also to deliver a poster presentation as well as take part in the poster tour of the event.

FODZYME® at DDW 2022

Considering the regular size of the FODZYME® exhibit booth, our corner received a heart-warmingly great deal of attention. We are truly grateful to everyone who popped in to say hello and to learn about FODZYME® - from existing fans to researchers, to gastroenterology fellows that were excited about the novel solution that FODZYME® is. It was an amazing opportunity for future collaboration and working translationally across the various specialties of our prospective partners.

Anjie Liu, the CEO of Kiwi Biosciences at the DDW 2022

Additionally, we were highlighted as one of the few posters in the Poster Tour under "IBS Clinical" by the AGA Institute Council. As part of the poster presentation tour, FODZYME®’s latest research data was very well received among the industry leaders. Dr. Tom Wallach, a translational scientist, pediatric gastroenterologist, and Assistant Professor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, presented the data and insights from the in-vitro efficacy study conducted with the SHIME® model of GI tract conditions.

Anjie Liu and Dr. Tom Wallach at DDW 2022

“We were able to demonstrate a very significant reduction in gas production in a high-fidelity model system of the gut, and it’s quite impressive. What I like about doing the study with this approach, is that it avoids the issues of high placebo improvement rates in IBS patients. Unlike a lot of players in the space, Kiwi Biosciences has a lot of commitment to demonstrating that FODZYME® works with robust evidence.”- shares Dr. Wallach.”What was really great about this product, is that we were able to see not only a significant improvement in gas production but also that the reduction of the short-chain fatty acids was fairly minimal. [With FODZYME®], it was getting all the benefit we looked for without paying the price. ”


Dr Tom Wallach at DDW poster presentation tour about FODZYME's efficacy

Dr. Tom Wallach presents FODZYME® at the poster alley of DDW 2022 

One of our personal highlights - FODZYME® stress relief garlic squishies were the stars of our personal show. A known IBS patient’s nemesis-turned-best-friend, garlic has been the main culprit for most individuals with IBS and other digestive issues, wreaking havoc on the gut and causing a plethora of unpleasant symptoms. We wanted to signify that FODZYME® can really change that, taking the stress out of eating the foods you love. Judging by how fast the garlic stress relievers flew off our shelves, our dear visitors seem to have gotten that message. We’d like to thank everyone who took one home! 

Eat garlic with FODZYME

The event highlights

An event of a truly incredible scale, Digestive Disease Week and its organizers went above and beyond in packing the schedule full of insightful sessions, talks, and meetings. 

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