How to get the most out of FODZYME

The value equation of FODZYME

How to get the most out of FODZYME
How to get the most out of FODZYME

From an initial trial to how to use FODZYME with multi-FODMAP meals

We know it can be hard for patients to re-challenge and liberalize their diet after years of symptoms and FODMAP avoidance. Food aversions and fears can become entrenched and the low FODMAP diet often provides a feeling of safety and control.

Initial trial options

Meal & snacks to try with FODZYME

Our resources provide advice and ideas for you to offer patients as they first try FODZYME and learn the value FODZYME provides, be that peace of mind at social gatherings or the ability to enjoy a home-cooked meal with family.

Dishes to enjoy with FODZYME

Meals to enjoy with FODZYME

Following initial trials, meals that contain multiple categories of FODMAPs help patients get the most out of FODZYME. These dishes might otherwise take several modifications or might never even be possible if there is no suitable low FODMAP swap.


Budget Friendly Strategies

Use the grocery list in our budget friendly FODMAP strategies to help patients shop for low FODMAP staples and then add high GOS, lactose and/or fructan-containing foods to use with FODZYME.