New Partnership to Make Eating Painless for FODMAP sufferers in the UK

FODZYME® is expanding its reach in the United Kingdom after partnering with Fodpod, an online retailer specialising in low FODMAP foods.

New Partnership to Make Eating Painless for FODMAP sufferers in the UK

FODZYME® is expanding its reach in the United Kingdom after partnering with Fodpod, an online retailer specialising in low FODMAP foods. 

On a mission to be the UK's number one place for specialist dietary requirements, Fodpod has curated a range of delicious and enjoyable food products for people with FODMAP sensitivities, specifically, people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In addition, Fodpod also offers educational resources to help customers learn more about their dietary needs and how best to manage them. Now including FODZYME® in their range, Fodpod has joined the community helping to make food painless for everyone,

After partnering with Fodmarket in July 2022, FODZYME®'s community and the interest for the unique FODMAP-degrading supplement has experienced exponential growth. 

In the world, and in the UK market specifically, there is a large number of individuals who suffer from FODMAP sensitivities. It can be difficult to navigate what foods are safe and which should be avoided in order to stay comfortable while eating out or cooking at home. The new partnership between Fodpod and FODZYME®, an enzyme supplement specifically designed for addressing FODMAPs directly, will expand the product's presence in the UK to help everyone in the country enjoy their favourite meals. 

Fodpod partners with FODZYME®

FODZYME® is an enzyme supplement developed specifically to help those with FODMAP sensitivities. It breaks down the FODMAPs GOS, lactose, and fructan ( fermentable carbohydrates) that cannot be digested by the body, making it easier for individuals to tolerate these foods without experiencing discomfort. Low-FODMAP certified by the Monash University, it's vegan, cruelty-free, and made without gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, artificial colours or flavours. 


As you digest your meal, FODZYME® breaks down FODMAPs into simple sugars, that are quickly absorbed in the small intestine, effectively reducing the amount of FODMAPs in your gut. FODZYME®'s fructan hydrolase is a wide-spectrum enzyme that breaks down fructans, including inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).

In addition to reducing the FODMAP intake which can cause uncomfortable symptoms, FODZYME® also supports better digestion of trigger foods. This allows individuals who take this supplement on a regular basis to get more nutrients from their meals than they would otherwise. As such, this makes it possible for people suffering from food sensitivities to enjoy healthier meals while still maintaining comfort levels throughout the digestion process.

FODZYME®'s efficacy was tested through SHIME®, a scientifically validated model of a human gut. The team discovered that 90% of inulin (fructan) was degraded within half an hour, meaning that the triggering molecules were deactivated before they could cause symptoms. It was also found that 70% of fructose was absorbed during the simulated small intestinal transit, thus reducing gas.

Additionally, short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) production was reduced but not depleted, meaning the enzymatic approach may be more favorable to overall colonic health than avoiding FODMAPs altogether. It's important to retain SCFAs as they can help with bloating, improve gut barrier integrity, and regulate the immune system's inflammatory response.

About Fodpod

Fodpod is on a mission to be the UK's number one place for specialist dietary requirements. The team at Fodpod works hard to find products compatible with a range of needs so that people can shop in confidence and get back to enjoying their food. Because great food is for everyone!

With specific dietary restriction filters, the online retailer allows people to find the best-fitting product for their nutritional needs without the fear of pesky ingredients interrupting their experience.

By partnering with FODZYME®, Fodpod will be able to widen its customer base even further by providing a specially designed enzyme supplement specifically tailored towards those suffering from FODMAP sensitivities in the UK.

Customer Response

When it comes to customer reactions, FODZYME® has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Many customers have expressed how much FODZYME® has changed their life, enabling them to eat out at restaurants, social gatherings, and family occasions, as well as cook at home without specific alterations to delicious recipes. 

Additionally, many individuals who had previously experienced a great deal of discomfort when eating certain foods reported feeling more comfortable after taking the enzyme supplement developed by these two companies.

Above all, the partnership between FODZYME® and Fodpod will help to bring more awareness about food intolerances and the solutions available. The vast community of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) needs the most comprehensive toolkit possible to manage their condition and live fully, which is why developing products like FODZYME® has never been more important.